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Guidelines for Raja Yoga Instructors Conducting 7-Day Courses

Few guidance to Raja Yoga instructors who conduct 7-day courses. These courses are designed to introduce students to Raja yoga meditation and help them improve their concentration, inner peace, and spiritual awareness.

To ensure that the students get the most out of the course, the instructor should start with an introduction class that collects basic information about the students, such as their name, background, education, family details, and reason for taking up Raja yoga meditation. This will help the instructor to understand the student's needs and tailor the course accordingly.

It is also important for instructors to be mindful of their audience and avoid discussing inappropriate topics with younger students. For example, if a student is only 10 years old, it is best to avoid discussing the five vices, particularly lust, as they may not yet understand these concepts. Instead, the instructor can focus on how Raja yoga meditation can help improve their concentration and academic performance.

In addition, it is important to be sensitive to the religious background of the students. If students of different faiths attend the class, the instructor can introduce the course as being conducted by Paramathma, the father of all souls who is also known as Shiva, God, Jehovah, or Allah. This inclusive approach can help create a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for all students.

Finally, instructors should emphasize the importance of meditation and feeling the love of Paramathma before discussing topics such as celibacy and satvik food. By helping students connect with their inner selves and feel the love of a higher power, they will be more likely to adopt positive lifestyle changes on their own, such as practicing celibacy and eating satvik food.

By following these guidelines, Raja Yoga instructors can create a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment for their students, and help them on their journey towards greater inner peace and spiritual awareness.


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