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Before Criticizing Others, Work on Yourself

A lady was complaining about her friend who used to abuse about her husband in public, how far is it right.

She says even my husband is a fool do I tell it in the public.

Even my husband is stingy fellow even for five or 10 rupees I will have to go behind him, do I tell it in the public.

My husband is a short tempered man screams at me most of the time, do I tell it in public.

Some people find faults in others when they themselves have them.

We should follow a principal in our life, that is if there is anyone who have to become perfect it is me.

This will give a beautiful life for us.

If a person is complaining about their friend who regularly abuses their spouse in public, then it is reasonable to question the morality and ethics of the friend's behavior. Publicly denigrating or insulting someone's spouse is not only disrespectful and hurtful, but it can also damage the relationship between the spouse and their partner. Such behavior can also harm the friendship between the two people involved, especially if the complaining person believes that their friend's actions are unacceptable. It is important to communicate one's feelings about such behavior directly to the friend and encourage them to change their ways if they are causing harm to others.

It is important to practice self-reflection and self-improvement before criticizing others. This involves acknowledging and working on one's own flaws and shortcomings, rather than simply pointing out the faults of others. By focusing on one's own self-improvement, it becomes easier to approach others with empathy and understanding, rather than judgment and criticism.

It is important to have healthy and respectful relationships with others, including spouses and friends, and this involves treating them with kindness and respect at all times.


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